VELVETVELO was born from the encounter between the softness of velvet and the speed of momentum, from the imagination of its founder, Serge Rach. Passionate about cycling and sailing, he infused his brand with the imprint of the luxury world from which he came. With the anagram of LOVE at its heart, the primary element of the brand’s philosophy, VELVETVELO unfolds a world of emotionally charged fragrances, clothing and accessories.

Designed to navigate between the sea and the mountains, VELVETVELO fragrances unfold their sensory signature, enduring and subtle, thanks to their water base. Through carefully selected ingredients, they diffuse an intense emotional richness of love and joy, for more velvet in everyday life!

Anchored in the city of Nice, VELVETVELO captures the best of the Riviera and the Grasse hinterland where perfume know-how is internationally renowned.



A spirit of adventure and surpassing oneself is breathed into the brand with the double V, like a bridge stretched between the world of luxury and that of sport; between water and light, the strength of the body and the softness of velvet... The praise of softness as a celebration of life, nature and new forms of luxury that no longer dwell in possession but in experience.

A collection of high-performance, innovative and diffusive fragrances, respectful of the environment and the skin’s microbiota, thanks to a water base and clean formulations. Olfactory pleasure on the skin.