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What is water-based?

Lifting a technological lock, the water base is an alternative to alcohol. Thanks to a microemulsion technique called Aquafine™, a specialty of the MANE fragrance house, water and fragrant essential oils are combined in a lasting way. Gentle to the skin’s microbiota, the water base allows all kinds of olfactory and creative variations in complete safety. Water is the future of perfumery, and VELVETVELO is its trailblazer.

Where should I spray my fragrance?

You are free to spray your fragrance wherever you want. However, we recommend that you spray fragrance on your skin where there is movement, on your neck, your wrist, your arm, behind your knees or even in your hair, for a long-lasting sillage.

Where are my products made? 

Our products are made in France.

Are VELVETVELO products tested on animals?

VELVETVELO products are not tested on animals. These tests are banned in Europe.

Where can I find my fragrance ingredients?

The list of ingredients can be found on the packaging of all of our products as well as each of the product files on VELVETVELO.COM.

How should I store my fragrance?

For a better conservation, we recommend that you protect your fragrance from heat, steam and sunlight. Ideally, it’s best to keep your fragrance in a closet.

Where do you ship?

Our products are available for shipping all across the European Union.



I placed an order but have not received my package. What can I do?

If your order doesn’t arrive, please contact our customer service at 

I’ve received a damaged package…

We truly are sorry about that! Please do contact our customer service at

What are the conditions for returns?

You can decide to return your (unopened) product to VELVETVELO within a period of 14 days. Please do inform us of your decision at , then ship it at the following address: Beauty Boutique - Kosmatki Street 12, Apt. 1, 03-982 Warsaw within that period of time. Phone number : +48608106329.


I have not found an answer to my question here. How can I contact you?
Our customer service will be pleased to help you. You can write us at for any further inquiry.